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Water projects:
- 97 wells and dams
- water management organization

Construction/ education projects:
- 22 primary schools
- 38 dwellings
- Technical school, 1300 students
- 6.000 boys enrolled
- 4.000 girls enrolled
- practical projects

Other projecten:
- restoration village Nando and Yougho
- 2 healthcenters
- education and training teachers


 - Association Dogon Initiative

- Initiative Femmes de Dogon
- Initiative Désert Vert

- Foundation Dogon Bloemendaal
- Mission Culturelle de Bandiagarra
- GADJ-Mali Einseignants

Education is for SDO the key point to improve the quality of life in the Dogon area. These people live around the impressive cliffs of Bandiagara in Mali, Africa. Because of their unique culture and ancient traditions, this area is listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

The local population is actively involved in the process. Exchange and transfer of knowledge is seen as an important building block for the future. Order the book “Beyond Construction” of the work of the foundation! The proceeds will be donated to the foundation.

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Donate a WAKA WAKA lamp!

The Dogon Education Foundation (SDO) recently supports the WakaWaka Power initiative as a partner via the Dogon Women Initiative (IFD). The women of IFD are very glad with
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Mali Blue Pumps

As we have already been announcing after our visit in April 2014, we will work in Mali with the Blue Pump. We believe that Paul van Beers is an excellent partner, who
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Grant of the Prince Claus Fund

The restoration of the Tellem monument in Yougho makes very good progress. It is fantastic that we have received a part of the funding via the Emergency Programme of the
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New brick machine for Mali

The numerous projects and in the meantime also projects for other organisations, make it necessary to bring a second bricks machine to Mali. Meanwhile, the first machine
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Trip report April 2014

I can never insist enough on the fact that Mali is a marvelous country! Again the trip passed by faultlessly. With many encounters and meetings. At a mortal temperature, sometimes
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Sono Ma

The second school that we would like to realize in 2014 is located in Sono Ma. At this moment this school consists of an old building of which the roof blew off by the
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The road to Nando

Op weg naar Nando from stichting dogon onderwijs on Vimeo. The agreements concluded more than one year ago with Nando to cooperate on the renovation of the village,
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The construction of the school is carried out under the direction of Isay Dara. He is a very precise builder and he asks many questions. We discuss about the progress
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